December 4, 2015 @ 3:00 pm – December 5, 2015 @ 1:00 am
The Black Swan
438 Stapleton Road
Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6NR
United Kingdom

We’re back bigger and badder than before and totally for charity mutha fukkas!

Every artist, performer soundsystem etc. is playing totally for free to support the causes. Big up all scene.

Punk, Breakcore, Jungle, Hardcore, Tekno, Hard DnB, Acid, Garage, Oldskool etc. etc. etc.


>>MAIN ROOM (powered by JIGSORE)

PUNK (from 8 – 12):

Headjam (dub punk/metal)
– https://headjam.bandcamp.com/

Agnosy (crusty london d-beat)
– https://agnosy.bandcamp.com/

Cydernide (punk fuckin rock)
– https://cydernide.bandcamp.com/

Regret (crust punk)

Who Killed the Bear (folk/grind punk)


DJs (12 – 6)

Stazma Acidchrist – FR (peace off / acroplane)
– https://soundcloud.com/stazma-the-junglechrist

Johnny Sideways (dosis decibel / tekiteazy / kaotek / jigsore)
– https://soundcloud.com/johnnysideways

Audiotist – BE (ragga terror front / dancecorps)
– https://soundcloud.com/audiotist

Ronin (headfuk / nfa)
– https://soundcloud.com/r0nin

Stivs (life4land / born on road)
– https://soundcloud.com/stivs

Dr…um (amental / jungle syndicate)
– https://soundcloud.com/dr-um

VJs – toxicboy, microdot visuals, laced-up, and ed productions



Freddy Frogs – FR (frog / life4land)
– https://soundcloud.com/freddyfrogs

Scamp (life4land / jigsore)
– https://soundcloud.com/scamp

Killabomb (pokora / jigsore / splatterkore)
– https://soundcloud.com/killabomb

Simon Underground (undergroundmusic / rebel scum)
– https://www.facebook.com/SimonUnderground

Grr – DE (industrial strength / sub/version / jigsore)
– https://soundcloud.com/grrsgnarl

Nks (under konstruction)
– https://soundcloud.com/nksunderkonstruction

Nnea (under konstruction)
– https://soundcloud.com/nnea-underkonstruction-1

Gyzy (under konstruction)

Osh-kosh (jigsore)
– https://soundcloud.com/osh-kosh

E-Coli (jigsore)
– https://soundcloud.com/e-coli


>>CORRIDOR (powered by IRRITANT)

Vinyl Junkie (warehouse wax)
– https://soundcloud.com/djvinyljunkie

Riffs (rag and bone / jigsore)
– https://soundcloud.com/jigsoreriffs

General Waste (erisian / dykpie / community payback)
– https://soundcloud.com/general-waste

Relapse (scientific wax / amental)
– https://soundcloud.com/relapse

Dj Daddy Long Legs (off me nut)
– https://soundcloud.com/tomparker

Substance-b (pokora / kaometry)
– https://soundcloud.com/substance-b

Lo Dafoe (senseless)
– https://soundcloud.com/lo-dafoe

1dbi (irritant)



carnival sideshows and a stage outside featuring

Red Rash Inn
Pyratrix Circus
Lucky Cat Games
Freak Boutique
Bam Bam + Greenwood
Horror Hotel

moe info soon on this spectacle… is gonna be off the hook and weird as shit!

plus of course full on decor all over the place, games, walkabout suprises etc.


£10 early bird. £12 advance. £15 on the door.

ticket link in a week…

opening 8pm get down early to catch the bands!


CAUSES (if all goes to plan they should get a grand or more each!)

Quebrada de Sol School – contributing directly to an isolated school in the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta mountain range in columbia. The school consists of the poorest indigenous children many of whome have to walk up to three days to get there and consists of three open huts for 200 children. The money will be passed directly to a woman in the community who organizes the school and will be used for books, stationary, construction, blankets, hammocks (for chidren staying overnight), food and kitchen equipment.

Integrate – a bristol based charity working with education and support around FGM and other forms of domestic violence in bristol – http://integratebristol.org.uk/about/

Bristol Hunt Sabs – https://network23.org/bristolhuntsabs/

The Zapatistas – direct donation to the zapatistas in isolated independant indigenous communities in chiapas in mexico. the money will be sent directly to a friend working for a small project there who will pass it directly to them.

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