Bro, do you even Instagram?

One of the great parts of the rave experience is seeing all the photos people have taken afterwards. However, finding these photos isn’t always easy as people tend to upload them to different places. Sometimes you can find them on the Facebook event page, other times that are in a persons private album meaning you can’t see them unless the two of you are friends. Sometimes they are uploaded to Instagram and Tumblr. What’s needed is a central place to find all rave related photos. And this is something that we want to help with.

Instagram the most popular platform for uploading photos, and Facebook is the best place to share and tag photos. So we decided to create the Instagram hashtag #happyravenet and connect it with our Facebook page. Every couple of minutes, Instagram photos with that have been tagged #happyravenet will be automatically uploaded and shared in our Facebook page, where you can then tag your FB friends in.

Try it out and leave us some feedback and suggestions.Also, let us know if we should also link this tag to our Tumblr blog.

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